Can last
3x longer
Requires 20%
less product
Catches particles
at 5 microns
Backwash is
quick and efficient
recycled materials

Why Glass?

Unlike sand and other filter media, BRIGHTLINE recycled glass filter media is carefully engineered and manufactured for modern pool filtration. That means better performance for you. Glass filter media lasts longer, saves water and catches finer particles than the older alternatives. Pool professionals around the world are switching to glass because there’s simply no downside to such a practical innovation.

Technical Data
Effective Size: .45mm - .60mm
Uniformity Coefficient: 1.8-2.1
Bulk Density: 80 lbs/ft3

Chemical Composition
SiO2:  73%   Al2O3   < 2%
Na2O:  13%   MgO: < 1%
CaO: 10%   K2O: < 1%
< 1% crystalline silica

BrightLine Installation Instructions

  1. Follow the instructions provided by your filter manufacturer.
  2. BrightLine filter media may be used with or without a pea gravel base (refer to your filter manufacturer’s recommendations on media installation).
  3. Add water to cover the laterals.
  4. Add appropriate amount of BrightLine filter media referencing table as needed. Note: Sand density may vary.
  5. Initial backwash is recommended to help remove any fine material.

BrightLine Equivalent When Replacing Sand

Sand Required
100 lbs
150 lbs
200 lbs
250 lbs
300 lbs
Brightline Required
80 lbs
120 lbs
160 lbs
200 lbs
250 lbs
All other quantities, multiply sand required by 80 to determine equivalent BrightLine filter media requirement.
  • It filters finer, cleans better. BrightLine filters down below 5 microns, which is DE quality at a price point more comparable to sand.
  • It lasts longer. We recommend an 8-10 year life, compared to sand which is typically 3-5 years.
  • It requires 20% less material than sand.
  • It reduces turbidity by 20% when compared to sand, which means clearer water.
  • It’s a green product. BrightLine is 100% recycled.

BrightLine is derived from recycled curbside glass that goes through a rigorous process to be cleaned, crushed and sized appropriately for use in filtration.

Studies have shown glass to efficiently remove particles down to 5 microns.

(Note: Sand filters to about 20-30 microns)

  • Glass has a slight negative surface charge that attracts and holds fine particles.
  • Glass is highly angular, increasing the porosity of the filter bed. Increased porosity leads to better filtration and flow rate.

Yes, we are certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 50. Most competitive crushed glass products on the market are not.

Yes. BrightLine is compatible with all pool types where a sand filter is used.

Yes. BrightLine is compatible in all sand filters and is certified to NSF50.

  • We don’t require a pea gravel base. However, if one is recommended by the filter manufacturer, then a pea gravel base should be used.
    (Note: The idea is that the pea gravel covers the laterals at the bottom of the filter and keeps the finer filter media particles from packing around the laterals, reducing filtration capability.)
  • BrightLine has been consistently sized to remove fine particles that could pack around the laterals.
  • Initial backwash is not required, but highly recommended.

BrightLine’s effective size is .45 to .60 mm.

(Note: This is slightly larger than most filter media (most sand is .40-.55). Glass has different characteristics than sand; it can achieve better filtration at slightly larger grain sizes.)

It is packaged in 40-lb plastic bags which is a direct replacement for most 50-lb silica sand bags, thus requiring 20% less material.

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